Lukas Smits

beeldend kunstenaar

Credits video

Les Bordures is a short animated film by Tessa van Vuren in which one of Amsterdam based painter Lukas Smits’ “booklets” is central. Les Bordures is part of a series. All volumes in this series are unique and have their own tonality and theme, inspired by nature, music and poetry. All pages are intensively edited with acrylic, applied with various objects, sometimes brush and brush.
The whole of the pages creates a total experience that continues per booklet.

The film tries to approximate the sensory sensation that comes from flipping through the pages of Les Bordures. Film, paintings and music together form a separate poetic work of art.

Director: Tessa van Vuren
Writer: Tessa van Vuren
Producer: Lukas Smits
Music: Hans Croon